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Pompeo Mariani was born in Monza on 9 September 1857, in a rather particular family. His father, Martino Mariani, was the founder of a famous school of economics in Brianza, while his mother, Giulia Bianchi (1838 – 1914), was the sister of the painter Mosè Bianchi (1840-1904). When Pompeo was born, Mosè was a fervent Garibaldi supporter and a painter at the brink of great success. But this is not the only thing that makes Pompeo Mariani’s family tree so special. Even though he himself has never fathered children, his nephew, Giovanni Battista Pitscheider (1883 -1964), whom in 1915 married the painter Elizabeth Keller (1891 – 1969), carried on Mariani’s artistic heritage. From them, the memory of the painter, famous for his misty landscapes and dense, humid marine atmospheres, passed into the hands of his son Umberto Pitscheider (1918 – 2013); and today – on to the son of his son, Giovanni Pitscheider.

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