Project Description

Over the years, the Pompeo Mariani Archives © have produced movies and documentaries in order to further the scientific research and the body of evidence surrounding the story of the life and death of this famous son of Monza. This activity is ongoing and every year is enriched with new characters, locations, images, news, suggestions, coming even from the most unexpected directions. Combining investments and self-productions with cinema and television professionals, in a synergistic effort between cultural operators, public and private organizations, intellectuals, collectors, gallery owners, private citizens, art historians, and scholars from various fields, the Archives seek to contribute to the reconstruction of this cultural epoch and remembrance of Italian art excellence, by narrating the story of a famous artist and the world around him. The faces, the voices, the eyes of all who have taken part so far, and those who will join in the future, together form a precious piece heritage, truly to be proud of. It has given momentum and confidence in the path we have taken, the substance to what once were just our ideas.

Interview to Umberto Pitscheider


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